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Is a Smart Home Right for You?

Have you considered a Smart Home?


You may have heard that Smart Homes are just for celebrities, tech enthusiasts and millionaires. That's how things used to be, but new technology and local dealers have made smart home technology affordable, easy to own and useful for everyone. It's now a fast home improvement that comes with some big benefits—security, savings, convenience, peace of mind— for you and your family. Want to know if it's right for you? Take this questionnaire to find out. Do you own a home? Then a Smart Home is for you! Upgrading your home to a Smart Home enhances and protects your home. It gives you the latest in home security to keep your family and home safe from burglars, fires and floods. It makes life more convenient with automated everyday devices like locks, lights and garage doors. It lets you know if something's wrong when you're away, via an easy smartphone app that controls every device (and impresses your friends). You may even be able to sell your home faster when you move. Are you buying a home? This is one of the best times to get acquainted with smart home technology. It's one of the easiest move-in improvements you can make, and it'll protect your new investment from day one. Do you go to work? Then a Smart Home is for you. Whatever takes you away from your home, smart home technology keeps you connected to what's happening when you're gone. You can leave knowing that your house is secure – in fact, your Smart Home will even remind you if you leave the garage door open. You can let people in when you're not there, or give them their own user code for your front door. If you travel for work, a Smart Home makes that easier too. Do you have children? A Smart Home is definitely for you. From video monitoring in your nursery to sensors that tell you when doors are opened, you'll have new ways to keep up with your kids and keep them safe. If you have teens, smart locks and access codes let you give them more independence while still staying close. Are you a child? Oh, you'll love a Smart Home and its gadgets. You should ask your parents about getting one. Would you like lower energy bills? A Smart Home is for you. Our smart thermostat will save you energy without impacting your comfort. It knows whether you're home or not and adjusts automatically, so you don't waste money heating and cooling an empty house. On hot days, it will scale back your cooling slightly to save you money. If you want more savings, a Smart Home will help you find the devices that use the most energy, then turn them off automatically using smart plugs when you're not using them. Are you wealthy? Trick question – you don't need to be! An smart home is affordable because you don't have to pay a large upfront fee for the equipment. In fact, it's about the cost of a security system, depending on the options you choose from your service provider. You get to spread the cost of your equipment out over several years, with professional security monitoring included in the package. (If you are wealthy, you'll enjoy a smart home too. And if you have a second home, upgrading it to a Smart Home will keep it secure and running smoothly when you're not there.) Are you tech-savvy? You'll love customizing your smart home and getting into its automation, rules and energy-saving features. If you're not, a smart home is still for you. We design our smart home technology to be easy and intuitive to use. You don't have to install anything, thanks to professional installation and configurationfrom's service providers. Your smart home technology will work right away, and you have a trusted local business to turn to for hands-on support if you run into problems. So, is the smart home right for you? If you think so, click here to connect with a local dealer.

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